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Your name is TEREZI PYROPE.

You're not really sure what's happened recently but you're pretty sure your session IS FUCKED. You're just sort of here, UPHOLDING THE LAW for anyone still around.

In the meantime you think you will CONSULT YOUR TEAM OF SCALEMATES on what action you should take next. They are very knowledgeable.

What will you do?

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[Dave took advantage of this to have his own turn at the horns; using his mouth instead, nipping at the tip and finishing with a flick of his tongue. His mind started questioning what exactly was going on,  but he would let things happen. Go with the flow. Follow the current and see where it ended.

He was sure they would all enjoy wherever this odd situation was heading.]

do you really need to ask that

ST1LL T4LK1NG TOO MUCH! 1 4M GO1NG TO T4K3 4W4Y YOUR PR1V1L3G3 TO M4K3 WORDS H4PP3N 1N 4 M1NUT3, 1F D4V3 H4S NOT 4LR34DY M4N4G3D 1T [She giggled, taking her wrist back in a fluid motion. Even Terezi wasn’t sure what was happening, she had just been teasing Karkat but apparently Dave had other things in mind: things that weren’t so bad, she guessed. The relationship between the two knights always left her intrigued and hungry to push and prod both of them even more - and besides, who could resist the urge to rile up the two of them until her favourite colour spilt, one way or another?]

DO 1 LOOK L1K3 1 KNOW WH4T 1S GO1NG ON? [She asked, daring Karkat to say the wrong thing.]

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