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Your name is TEREZI PYROPE.

You're not really sure what's happened recently but you're pretty sure your session IS FUCKED. You're just sort of here, UPHOLDING THE LAW for anyone still around.

In the meantime you think you will CONSULT YOUR TEAM OF SCALEMATES on what action you should take next. They are very knowledgeable.

What will you do?

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  • Terezi is one of the shortest trolls: all sharp edges and points. There’s nothing soft about her, but physical appearances don’t mean much to her anyway. She’s much more interested in how people act and smell, over how they look.
  • She has a very strong sense of justice, so much so that she can be ‘blinded’ by her need for it to be active and present. A society without any kind of ‘justice system’ would be impossible for her to function within.
  • But justice doesn’t mean law - meaning Terezi would and will break laws in the pursuit of justice. To her, laws are guidelines on which her morals are based.
  • Terezi will do any action in the name of justice - she feels that any sacrifices that come with it are necessary, and therefore not a sacrifice.
  • Due to that and her seer abilities, Terezi understands importantly the jobs and roles everyone must play, and would be very hesitant to stop anyone from doing what must be done. 
  • Terezi is able to distance herself from situations by putting it on a ‘professional level’ or ‘a roleplay’.
  • Although she likes to flirt and tease, she’s pretty bad at being serious about relationships. She can offer advice and comfort, but she just lacks the further maturity - relationship wise.
  • She constantly fiddles with things - easily bored when there isn’t something to occupy her with.